About us

We know a lot about mobile apps and games. We love to spend time researching new items, testing updates, and discussing the latest development and gaming news. And we thought, why not share our findings with others? Lietus.org was created just for you to easily find the software you need for work or an awesome game for a party with friends.

Why us?

The mobile app world offers users almost limitless possibilities. Navigating what is noteworthy and what is best not to download can be tricky. Our mission is to guide you through a barrage of different games and apps, providing information on the best products only. You can trust our advice because:


  • Our experts and writers themselves test every item that falls into our hands.

  • We are not interested in the success of any specific projects as we are not the developers' representatives.

  • We give honest assessments to all products, trying to consider both pros and cons.

  • Despite our specialists’ deep knowledge of development and technology fields, our texts are written in simple entertaining language.

  • We are passionate about mobile games and apps and simply share what is interesting to us with you.


If you need help finding the best app or game, you've come to the right place. Stay tuned for the latest news!