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Yoga STRETCH: an app for the More Advanced Yogi

Yoga STRETCH created by Neil Harris and designed by Lindsey Heuser is a full 60-minute instructional yoga class with 35 different poses available on your iPhone or iPod touch.

As a general app Yoga STRETCH has a good number of options. There are options for sound: you have some different musical tracks to choose from (mostly natural sounds like Ocean Waves and Camp Fire with one more ambiguous track called: Transcendental Whirlwind, which happens to be the default), and you can also turn the commentary on or off.

From Yoga STRETCH’s main menu you can choose to look at the poses one at at time for a more detailed description of what it entails before going into the full routine...

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Joost Finally Picks Up the Pace

Joost jumped out of the gate so fast, not even the mighty Secretariat would have been able to keep up. But about the time Joost looked like a sure bet, it faltered.

Joost, which offers a wide range of free movies, TV shows and music channels, never really got going. However the brand-new, free Joost app for the iPhone suddenly promises to pick up the pace.

You can watch some 46,000 videos and these are not your Daddy’s YouTube knockoff kind of videos. Joost is features commercial (and I don’t mean advertising) programming–free.

Launch the app, and from the menu running along the bottom, tap Joost Picks, Popular, Browse and Search. All of those are self-explanatory, so no need to say more...

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Roll Like a Rolando in Innovative iPhone Game

Rolando, one of the most anticipated games for iPhone and iPod touch, is ready for download and iPhone gaming will never be the same.

Rolando is an awesome example of what developers can accomplish using Apple’s multi-touch technology and accelerometer — and a whole lot of imagination. As we explained earlier this week, Rolando is a finger-swiping, tilt-n-tappin’, multi-touch wonderland.

The graphics are the best I’ve seen. It’s the type of bold colors and clean illustration that is right up my alley. Pop illustrator Mikko Walamies is the guy behind the art. His candylicious designs are teamed up with music by Mr. Scruff to create a world that just begs to be explored.

Once you start exploring Rolandoland, you’ll be hooked...

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ZeptoPad Works as Well as a Gas-Guzzling Hybrid

ZeptoPad, from the company of the same name, reminds me of a hybrid car that gets only 10 miles to the gallon. It’s a terrific idea, but it’s hard to see why you might actually want one.

ZeptoPad at its core is a sketch pad. Like many new Japanese-made cars coming off the lots of dealers these days, ZeptoPad has some options similar cars don’t. For example, ZeptoPad features Wi-Fi connectivity.

Like other sketch pad apps I’ve seen, you can draw on the iPhone’s screen using a variety of colors and and pens. You can undo/redo your most recent work, save images to a directory and so on. You can also enter text into your drawings.

You can insert photos into your drawing either by importing them from your Camera Roll or taking them using the iPhone’s camera from within ZeptoPad...

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MacPhun’s ArtCamera Tries to Paint Your Pics Like the Masters

Would you like to add a painterly effect to your photos? ArtCamera, from MacPhun, enables you to imitate the styles of famous artists such as Warhol, Picasso and Monet. Or at least that’s the idea. The results are really not that similar to the real thing, but it’s still entertaining to see what kinds of results you can come up with.

ArtCamera has a variety of 20 filters — not all of them attempt to imitate the work of a famous artist. You also have effects such as radial blur, grayscale, blurred image and more. You might have to experiment quite a bit with different photo and filter combinations before something develops that you really like. It’s part of the fun but it also takes patience.

You can work with an image from your Camera Roll or one that you take using ArtCamera.


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LED Football 2 Offers Retro Gridiron Action

If you grew up in an era when LED games were cutting edge technology, then LED Football 2 may hold some nostalgia for you. Like its predecessors, LED Football and LED Basketball, it is a fairly accurate representation of the handheld LED sports game that were among the first handheld entertainment devices. The reproduction of what the original game looked like is quite accurate — including a back side that has instructions and a slot for virtual batteries. LED Football 2 seeks to build on the previous version by adding on some extra features.

However, even when you set aside the “wow” factor there is underneath a fairly addicting, albeit simple, game. There is a bit of a learning curve as to how to play given that the players consist of a series of LED lights...

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If You Use Mint, You Could Lose a Mint

“We’re having issues right now.” Yeah, me too. I’m trying to set up my financial accounts on so I can test drive its new Mint app and it hasn’t been easy so far. I managed to set up my bank and a PayPal accounts in about 10 minutes, but it’s another story with my credit card. has been having “issues” with that one account for about 48 hours and counting.

Mint’s new iPhone app gives you a view of your online financial picture at It would be a time saver if I could access all my accounts all from one place at one time, and that is what is all about, at least if it worked.

I was able to set up the same credit card account with another developer’s iPhone app in under 45 seconds during the same time I was attempting to set up my Mint...

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hiCard Sends Greetings for All Seasons, All Reasons

It’s always fun to get mail. Whether it’s regular old snail mail or a digital notecard, it’s nice to know that someone is “Thinking of You.” HiCard Suite is the best app I’ve seen to send electronic greetings. Not only are the e-cards beautiful, but they are so simple.

The problem with most e-cards is that they are a pain to send and often an even bigger pain to receive. To send an e-card usually involves registering at some site and going through the steps of choosing, customizing, addressing and sending — each time waiting for a web page to load.

Receiving cards — which should be the simpler part of the process — is worse...

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Jott Your Notes with Your Voice Instead of a Keyboard

The first time you use Jott, a voice recorder from Jott Networks, you get the feeling that you’ve just seen something that’s crazy, in a good way.

There’s not much to the voice recorders in the App Store. Press record; press play. Nothing could be simpler. Oh, sure, there are a few sparkly features in some voice recorder apps such as adjustable audio quality and the ability to append text but they’re all pretty much same-old-same-old, which is what you would expect after all.

Then there’s Jott, it too is a voice recorder and it’s capable of only recording 15 seconds of audio at a time, which is hardly anything to write home about. That’s a huge limitation compared to every other voice recorder in the world-virtual and real.

Although Jott is not as capable a voice recorder as ...

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Live Life on the Edge and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

“Hello, everyone. My name is Michael and I’m an addict.”

It first started when a friend suggested I try Edgewise from Greggy Bits Software. It’s a simple little solitaire game. Put a few cards here and there and when all the cards are in their neat little boxes you’ve won the game.

This is too easy, I thought. What could be the harm? Just one game, just to see what it’s like. One little game, that’s all, and then I’ll put it aside. But I lost the first game and Edgewise taunted me. ‘You lost because you don’t have anywhere to put the King. I felt a small craving, but I told myself I could handle it, so I tried another round and then another and then another.

Suddenly before I realized it, I was hooked. Each time I lost, Edgewise taunted me...

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