The Dark Knight Nowhere Near Success of Movie

The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game is the latest marketing tool to get you excited about the hit movie. It is not as cool as the flick, but it should give you a few rounds of fun before it becomes a bit repetitive.

In the game you control the Batmobile in a race through the streets of Gotham. The graphics are pretty sweet, especially the detail on the Batmobile. Tap the screen to fire up the afterburners and shoot enemies. Shake your phone to start the ignition.

Unfortunately The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game doesn’t take full advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer. You can’t steer the car the same way you do in games like Crash Bandikoot. The only time you control the Batmobile’s movements are when you take a couple of jumps from one building to another. During this part of the action you must balance out the car by tilting your iPhone to the left or right. A grid appears underneath the Batmobile to help you achieve this goal.

After about three minutes you complete the mission and are scored on a variety of performance indicators. If you pass muster then you proceed on to a more challenging bonus round.

The tapping, shaking, and tilting make for some nice fun to kill a few minutes. There is even an option that allows you to challenge your buddy, which could mean bragging about your Batmobile skills if you can out tap your friends.

As a prelude to an action movie, the game was quite simplistic and I found myself losing interest after just a few minutes of play. It left me wanting more — the ability to control the car, race through more areas of Gotham, and perhaps even challenge the Joker himself. But for $0.99 it’s worth downloading for a bit of Dark Knight fun.

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